Customers are rapidly shifting how they learn about and buy products and offerings.

Is your sales team is ready for the change? 

Sales Challenge

70% of buyers conduct their own research before ever contacting a provider. Improving salesforce effectiveness and customer adoption with controlled customer interaction is complex.

Desired Outcomes

Many shoppers are trying to connect the dots on information and value on their own. The key to next generational selling success is differentiating a sales approach and aligning it with a customers vision and buying patterns.

Capabilities & Services


  • Channel analysis

  • Sales organization effectiveness

  • Pricing & packaging

Optimization / Coaching

  • Sales process analysis

  • Sales training and development

  • Individualized plans

Campaign Development

  • Solution based packaging

  • Resource alignment

  • Pipeline reporting/metrics

End-to-End Customer Journeys

  • Customer interviews

  • Customer profiling

  • Customer needs assessments



  • Get tighter alignment with their customer’s buying profiles

  • Innovative go-to-market sales methodology

  • Refresh sales plays and stagnated pipeline generation

MCG Experience


10+ years of sales

Coaching on induvial, mentor-based, skip-level, unconscious bias, gender based, and generational-based consulting disciplines

Direct selling, indirect selling, inside-out models.

Hope. We were all very impressed with your leadership and how you helped transform that team in a challenging market to sustain many straight quarters of 20%+ growth.

Joel "Thor" Neeb

CEO, Afterburner

MCG Experience

Years IT Operations Management

Years Sales, Strategy, and Business Development



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