Product and service innovation are essential, but business model innovation can deliver more lasting competitive advantage, particularly in disruptive times. Is your organization’s buiness model continually resilient? 

Business Strategy Challenge

Rapid technological innovation, regulatory changes, new generations of buyers requires a business strategy to be flexible, simple, resilient.

Desired Outcomes

The art of transforming a business model considers what and how to make changes in the value offered while minimizing risk.

Capabilities & Services

Service Delivery Efficiencies

  • Improve Speed to Lead to Quote to Cash processes
  • High Performance Team Building
  • New Business and Sales Development
  • Operational Excellence

Business Model Innovation

  • Workshops
  • Proposal writing
  • Business analysis modeling

Budget & Cost Analysis

  • Financial analysis
  • Market comparisons
  • Risk analysis



  • Apply practical methodologies to model considerations
  • Align business model changes with company vision
  • Leverage ITIL 4 for value stream creation

MCG Experience


Provided consulting in an adapt adjacent business strategy.

Integrated optimal business and operational processes, HR elements, compensation plans, and marketing to maximize all resources impacting 200+ employees and $750M in annual revenue.

Hope has an amazing ability to lead transformational change. She created scalable processes, measurable and sensible metrics, and dashboards to track progress, and motivated everyone around her to accomplish the vision she put forth. All the while, she managed to accomplish this with a smile and infectious positive attitude. I’d strongly recommend her for any critical project in your organization.

Todd Piett

CEO, Rave Mobile Safety

Hope is a Master of Business strategy who can very effectively analyze lots of data to identify the strengths & weaknesses of any aspect of business. She is a natural leader who brings her entire team together and helps them work towards a common goal along with improving their personal & professional skills.

Raminder Mann


MCG Experience

Years IT Operations Management

Years Sales, Strategy, and Business Development



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