For those of you who couldn’t make it to Albuquerque Business First “Fall Women Summit” sponsored by SW Capital Bank, State Farm, Bradbury Stamn and Women’s Rise; missed an exceptional morning of networking and inspirational stories and soundbites to live by professionally and personally. The lessons are beyond gender or generational challenges found in the workplace. Its lessons we can all live by professionally and personally. I encourage males and females at all stages in their career to attend next year. There were so many exceptional speakers and thoughts. Here are my Top 5 quotes to take back to the workplace:

“An aura of confidence is not developed through emails, text, or social media posts” – Roberta Cooper Ramo, shareholder, Modrall Sperling Law Firm. I agree with Roberta, your presence matters. How you set the stage for your personal brand is totally up to you. Developing a “social presence” through media while important, can leave colleagues and clients, existing and potential, with a wide room for their own interpretation. This can be misleading, false and potentially negative. Own your brand, and be confidant in it. Show up, and connect with the people and world around you. Take pride in what makes you unique and authentic and the abilities and gifts you can give to others.

“Risk Taking in your career means calculating scenarios, and working yourself back from the worst-case scenario towards building confidence that you can manage each of those situations.” – Nyika Allen, Director of Aviation, City of Albuquerque. If anyone has followed Nyika’s amazing career journey, knows how intrepid she is. None of us are surprised that her intellect and sheer drive for performance delights and impresses anyone who interacts with her. What Nyika reminded me is that we choose to take risks every day. They key to deciding which ones to take is to take ownership in the power to decide. Be mindful in calculating those choices, this ultimately dictates how much we’re willing to venture out into the unknown.

“Taking a leap also means letting things go, including your ego” – Jennifer Mastripolito, program director, Delta Consulting Group. I was fortunate to hear her make that comment quickly during a breakout session we were both attending and it really struck me. So often, we let our pride get in our way, masking the lessons we need, to move forward. I try to remember that change is life giving. It helps us grow into someone greater than we already are.

“Practice mindfulness” – Terri Nicole Baca, president AT&T New Mexico. I was incredibly impressed with this millennial executive balancing it all. In a time where multi-tasking is a badge of honor and insta-everything is gratified with a quick call to Siri; taking a few breaths and being focused, present and purposeful about your intent can really set you apart from your competition.

“Always include a bad boy clause” – Monique Jacobson, founder Monique & Associates, former Cabinet Secretary of CYFD. It’s worth following Monique and be impressed with all that’s she has been able to accomplish in her budding career. The lesson isn’t that boys are bad, although she speaks of having to work with a woman attorney who would use that term when drafting contracts with famous sports personalities. The lesson I took is that life rarely moves in the direction you expect. Set goals and always move forward, but plan for, and don’t be caught off guard if things totally get off track. Be prepared to adapt and prevail.